Broadband – Any Broadband – for Walton Grange!

Walton Grange needs broadband – that was the message from residents recently as you told us about speeds of only 0.5mbps on supposedly 10MB connections.

“The problem is that Walton Grange is about as far as you can get in MK from the local telephone exchange – and that means slow broadband.” said Cllr Jenni Ferrans.  A number of solutions have been tried over the years, but the best is to get fibre-optic cables laid.  That’s less dependent on distance, so even low speed connections would work far faster, and superfast connections would be available.

However, BT insists that it’s not economic to connect Walton Grange – despite connections to neighbouring estates only 100m away!

BT have made their position clear.  We are campaigning now to get Walton Grange included on the Council’s government-funded programme to connect up the uneconomic areas“, says Jenni.  “Please email the Council on [email protected]  if you want faster broadband.”

The Council will make the decision about which areas to go for in August or September.

5 thoughts on “Broadband – Any Broadband – for Walton Grange!

  1. Terry Brown says:

    Thanks for reminding BT about the houses near the OU, i.e. us and our neighbours in Church Lane. Focus issue 297 mentioned a survey about this (bottom right of back page), but I can’t find it. Should I also email the council as indicated?


    Terry Brown

    • jenniferrans says:

      Thanks Terry.
      survey link going up any minute now.
      No. we’ve already contacted the Council and they are chasing BT for the answer. we’ll let you know as soon as we hear.


  2. Dominic says:

    Any news on this? I saw BT working on Brickhill street just outside the entrance to Walton yesterday.

  3. Steven says:

    Any update on this no news in nearly a year not got enough

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