Fibre Delayed for Walton Grange

Walton Grange residents say what they think!

Walton Grange residents say what they think!

Sorry about the lateness of this update.

Just a few weeks after residents celebrated success after BT planned to install fibre in Walton Grange this summer, they were disgusted by the news that BT had put the plan back to next year!

Thanks to all the residents who turned out and emailed to make the point to BT that Walton Grange needs broadband.
It helped – when we met with BT a couple of weeks later, they certainly knew about Walton Grange’s plight!

At first no explanation was given.  But now BT have explained that the software routing broadband signals cannot cope with the cabinet connecting to both fibre-to-cabinet and fibre-to-premises!

Cllr Jenni Ferrans commented “This is a fundamental limitation that will affect many outlying areas, and should have been dealt with years ago.  BT have said that they are trying to overcome it.  They need to succeed – quickly!”

Residents in Walton Hall and parts of Walnut Tree are also affected by this problem.  The Focus team is helping  residents to keep the pressure up on BT!

6 thoughts on “Fibre Delayed for Walton Grange

  1. Sean Anderson says:

    For a new estate i cant believe that no provision for Super fast fibre broadband was made.

    So are we any closer to a date when fibre will be available for the residents of Walton grange?

    • jenniferrans says:

      I’m afraid not. BT still haven’t solved the problem with giving you FTC and are still not reporting progress to us on either that or FTTP. The Council is insisting that if they do go to FTTP they must put enough capacity in for everyone, even if they only connect up the early occupiers. That way at least you should then be able to get connected commercially for the standard price.
      They seem now to be saying that they will start implementing phase 3 after Christmas – but no guarantees yet that you’ll be in that phase I’m afraid.

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