Development at Kents Hill West

The sites under discussion at Kents Hill

The sites at Kents Hill

Development of some sort will come to the west of Kents Hill near the V10 over the next few years.  Our special Focus edition explains why, what is being considered, and how you can input to the decision.

We’re fighting to ensure that, whatever comes, adequate infrastructure comes with it, so that existing residents don’t suffer as a result of the new development.

2 thoughts on “Development at Kents Hill West

  1. Kents hill resident says:

    I do not want more houses or schools because it is going to spoil the lovely walks and the greenery we have at the moment. It would be too congested and noisy.

    I love Kents Hill just as it is . Please don’t let them build here.

    Thank you

    • The landscaped green area, the wooded areas and the playing fields, with their paths will all be protected.
      But I’m afraid the open field areas opposite the OU have been earmarked for development of some sort since Kents Hill was first planned, and there is no chance that the Government would let the Council change that. The only question is exactly what is built there. And the schools and houses will disrupt the local area far less than a really big office site.

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