Success! Kents Hill Footpath Backed by MK Council

At a recent meeting of the Development Control Committee, MK Council agreed to apply formally for the footpath across the playing fields at Kents Hill to be made into a public right of way.

The process now is that:

  • the council draws up the proposed “Order” changing the official right of way map

    Kents Hill Footpath

    Matt with a family using the footpath

  • they publish it and there is a 6-week period to allow for any final objections
  • If no objections are received, the change will then become law.
  • If objections are received, then they send the proposed Order and the objections to an Inspector who decides whether to grant the right of way or not.

Since the Council own the land, and MK Wanderers who lease the playing fields have no objection, it’s very unlikely that there will be any objections.

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