Changes to the Planning System Threaten MK

The Conservative Government are proposing big changes to the Planning System – and we think they will damage Milton Keynes. The changes include:

  • Most local planning policies will go. Government policies will apply. This is a real threat to MK’s unique design.
  • Money for infrastructure will be set nationally irrespective of local needs.
  • Housing targets and affordable housing will be calculated by the Government. MK’s level is likely to drop – more people homeless
  • Planning committees will largely be abolished. Residents and councillors will have no opportunity to object to most planning applications.

If you object to this please respond to the “Planning for the Future” consultation, and also complain to your MP at

In the meantime, they have brought in changes allowing people to build an extra storey onto their home, office or shop, among several other things, without planning permission – so no objections allowed!

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