Conservative Planning Rules = Less Public Consultation

Jenni Ferrans won cross party support to object to this and get it right for Milton Keynes. But the Government will make the decision.

The Conservative Government are planning big changes to the planning system, including less local control, quicker decisions and set targets for building. This will mean less affordable housing and planning committees potentially stopped. Residents and councillors will have no opportunity to complain about many planning applications. This will also mean many estates will look the same, with no local atmosphere or identity – Plastic Communities. Jenni Ferrans has been looking at the implications in the White Paper entitled Planning for the Future.

The Government want to change the planning system, meaning the Government will tell Milton Keynes Council how many houses to build and developers can build what they like. Local people will have no say”. Jenni is keen for local voices to be heard; she is worried we will have big estates with no facilities. Usually, developers have to provide a grant to help build doctors surgeries and schools, (Section 106). “This system will mean we lose all that, leaving it to the Government to tell us how our streets and homes will look like and what services and infrastructure, from roads and parks, to schools and local centres, we get.”

Please let your MP know what you think of the new proposals – and copy us in your email! Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Conservative Planning Rules = Less Public Consultation

  1. lucy davies says:

    The new proposal sounds aweful. Local voices should always be heard.

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