Many families are struggling, with the numbers using community fridge and food bank projects doubling, meaning now more than ever we need to end Child Poverty. The Liberal Democrats secured more money to help with holiday meals and the Child Poverty Commission is a major Liberal Democrat commitment. Marie Bradburn updated us on progress. “We care about the future for all our children, so we listened to families. They tell us they need local support, so we want to keep family centres open and help local projects. It’s a big job, but the community has come together, and we want to thank everyone for their help. Together we can do it, so no child goes to bed hungry.” The Child Poverty Commissions report will be published shortly. The Liberal Democrats are committed to standing by all the recommendation. Cllr Leo Montague adds “It will be a big commitment, but this is serious, we are serious. Our children are going hungry. This is not just an issue for the city: our village families are suffering too. This pandemic has been very cruel to so many but the problem goes way beyond that to high rents and low benefits for families with children”.

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