Protecting Verges

When people park or drive on our grass verges in winter, it really damages the verge! Please do not park on the verge, and please tell the Focus team if there are any more really bad spots. We have reported damage on Eridge Green, Crowborough Lane, Lichfield Down, Dunchurch Dale and Cloudberry, Walnut Tree.

2 thoughts on “Protecting Verges

  1. Elspeth Woods says:

    Having had building work done over past 5 months, there has been inevitable damage caused to verge by delivery cranes, and so on. Damage too by some delivery drivers and refuse trucks. That said I am doing my best to repair the damage and reseed.

    • Elspeth if you can’t repair it then let us have the address of the verge affected and we’ll get the Council to repair it Sorry – these comments have not been coming through for some reason so only just seen it

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