Vanessa McPake is standing for re-election in Monkston ward.

Vanessa McPake photo
Vanessa McPake

She has been a campaigner for local people in this area for over 15 years, and has helped hundreds of people with local issues. She has also been spokesperson for transport, the environment and flooding, for MK Council.

From strategic issues like pressing for the new balancing lake we need to reduce flooding, to local issues like pruning hedges, finding out who is responsible for a broken fence, and getting grass cut, Vanessa has worked tirelessly for local people.

Please support her in this election!

She is standing on the Liberal Democrat manifesto of:

  • Reduce child poverty, because every child deserves a good start in life.
  • Tackle unaffordable housing and homelessness, because everyone deserves a secure place to call home.
  • Help our children and young people, so they can thrive through their lives.
  • Fight for better health and social care, so that our residents have the support they need.
  • Look after our neighbourhoods, so they are tidy, safe and places that residents of MK can be proud of.
  • Improve and innovate our public transport, so public transport becomes a real choice for residents.
  • Rebuild the local economy and keep a balanced council budget, so that we have a stable recovery from COVID-19.
  • Create a carbon neutral Milton Keynes by 2030, so that we become a truly green city.

You can see more detail on the manifesto topics, or the whole manifesto, at

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