Thank You – We Won!

Jenni Ferrans was re-elected to serve as a Councillor for Monkston ward on Milton Keynes Council for another four years. The result was

Jenni Ferrans Lib Dem 1540

Conservative 596

Labour 521

Jenni says “A huge thank you to all of you for voting for me to continue as your councillor for another four years. It’s been even more a team effort than usual for this last couple of years, as we’ve all struggled with COVID (including my getting it in the middle of this election campaign!), so particular thanks to all the volunteers who help get the Focus out so we can keep in touch with you. Please keep emailing us on [email protected] about your issues so that we can keep serving you.

Overall Labour and Lib Dem are up and the Conservatives down and an independent lost his seat. For the full results of the Council election see the Council website.

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