Bollard Chaos!

Vanessa McPake with a local resident at the bollard in Luttlemarsh, Walton Park.

Vanessa McPake with a local resident at the bollard in Luttlemarsh, Walton Park.

Vanessa McPake had been told by Tory run MK Council that the loose bollard in Luttermarsh, Walton Park was fixed.  Cleary it had not been yet!  And it was the same story in Monkston, where Jenni Ferrans was told the Flaxley Gate bollards had been fixed.  Jenni has asked the Council to investigate what it’s contractors are doing!

Landcape Problems – and Success!

In Monkston, Jenni Ferrans and Vanessa McPake got the overhanging branches cut back so you don’t get hit when walking along Blanchland Circle.

But in Kents Hill it was a different story.  Vanessa McPake and Subhan Shafiq took out their secateurs in Eridge Green, Kents Hill to cut back the dangerous brambles after the Council said that keeping the path open was “not a priority”!

Pruning the path on Eridge Green, and before and after pictures under the trees along Blanchland Circle.

Right and top: Vanessa McPake and Jenni Ferrans in Blanchland Circle, Monkston.
Left, Subhan Shafiq and Vanessa McPake pruning near Eridge Green, Kents Hill

Bad Buses

Vanessa McPake checks the reliability of the no 12 bus.

Vanessa McPake checks the reliability of the buses after lots of complaints

Ever since the Conservative run MK Council cut the bus subsidy by nearly £1/2 million, your local Lib Dem team has been concerned about the quality of the service.

Bus user, Vanessa McPake, has been keeping an eye on the bus changes in our area since the new timetable came into force.  She has been contacted by residents about the nos. 8 & 9 services not running on time.

Do tell Vanessa by providing: the date location of bus stop time the bus was supposed to arrive time it did arrive.

She will then take up the problems with Arriva who run these services

Broadband – Any Broadband – for Walton Grange!

Walton Grange needs broadband – that was the message from residents recently as you told us about speeds of only 0.5mbps on supposedly 10MB connections.

“The problem is that Walton Grange is about as far as you can get in MK from the local telephone exchange – and that means slow broadband.” said Cllr Jenni Ferrans.  A number of solutions have been tried over the years, but the best is to get fibre-optic cables laid.  That’s less dependent on distance, so even low speed connections would work far faster, and superfast connections would be available.

However, BT insists that it’s not economic to connect Walton Grange – despite connections to neighbouring estates only 100m away!

BT have made their position clear.  We are campaigning now to get Walton Grange included on the Council’s government-funded programme to connect up the uneconomic areas“, says Jenni.  “Please email the Council on [email protected]  if you want faster broadband.”

The Council will make the decision about which areas to go for in August or September.

New Ward Boundary Proposals Confirmed

The national Boundary Commission has been looking at all the MK Council wards across Milton Keynes.  They have just confirmed their proposals for the new wards in our area. The first elections for the new wards will be in May 2014.

The new Monkston ward will cover:
Monkston Park, Monkston, Kents Hill, Walton Grange, Walton Park and Walnut Tree.

The Danesborough and Walton ward will cover:
Wavendon Gate, Old Farm Park, Browns Wood, Caldecotte, Wavendon, Woburn Sands, Bow Brickhill and Little Brickhill.

The proposals will go before Parliament for confirmation in the autumn.