Broadband Comes Closer to Walton Grange

Broadband took a step closer last week when BT finally decided on action.  They have not solved the software problem to install fibre-to-cabinet, so they will be attempting to install fibre-to-premises for all occupied homes that want it.  Read this leaflet for more details.

Now we need your help.  BTOpenreach provide the cabling for fibre, irrespective of who your service provider is.  Now they need to know the number of people who genuinely want fibre on Walton Grange so that they can put in nodes with enough capacity – so please follow this link and email Jenni on [email protected] with the information requested on the form at the end of the leaflet.

If you got the leaflet around lunchtime on Sunday, we missed a question out!  Please let Jenni know who your current internet provider is, as that’s one of the compulsory questions BTOpenreach ask in order to register you.


11 thoughts on “Broadband Comes Closer to Walton Grange

  1. Jonny says:

    Is there any update on this, or anywhere we can look to find future updates?

  2. sean Anderson says:


    I am hoping that our issue of broadband has not fallen of the radar.

    Is there an update of the situation?

    Many Thanks


  3. Walton Resident says:

    Any further updates on this? December has passed and there was a mention on a recent leaflet that this was on track in January. Is this confirmed and is there a rough timeline of when BT will be accepting orders? Thanks!

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