Thank You – We Won!

Jenni Ferrans was re-elected to serve as a Councillor for Monkston ward on Milton Keynes Council for another four years. The result was

Jenni Ferrans Lib Dem 1540

Conservative 596

Labour 521

Jenni says “A huge thank you to all of you for voting for me to continue as your councillor for another four years. It’s been even more a team effort than usual for this last couple of years, as we’ve all struggled with COVID (including my getting it in the middle of this election campaign!), so particular thanks to all the volunteers who help get the Focus out so we can keep in touch with you. Please keep emailing us on [email protected] about your issues so that we can keep serving you.

Overall Labour and Lib Dem are up and the Conservatives down and an independent lost his seat. For the full results of the Council election see the Council website.

Thousands in MK Face Benefits Cut

Nearly 23,000 Milton Keynes families face a “heartless” government Universal Credit cut when the Government withdraws the extra £10 added during COVID next month. Prices have risen, rents have risen, unemployment has risen, and ages have fallen, and yet the Government is cutting Universal Credit that so many working families now rely on.

“£10 can make the difference between getting a hot meal – or paying the rent. When you’re struggling every pound counts” says Lib Dem Councillor Jenni Ferrans. “The Liberal Democrats here and in Government are calling for this £10 to be made permanent. Please write to your MP and ask them to vote for it to stay.”

Vanessa McPake Re-elected in Monkston Ward!

Many thanks to the residents who returned their postal votes or turned out on a wet polling day to vote. Vanessa won!

The result was:
1507 Vanessa McPake (Liberal Democrats)
806 Jaime Tamagnini (Conservatives)
555 Naseem Khan (Labour)
So Vanessa was elected for another four years.

Vanessa says “I am delighted to be re-elected as one of your ward councillors. Thank you so much for voting me in with a clear majority. Now your Lib Dem Focus team will continue working hard to serve you both locally and MK-wide.

Vanessa McPake is standing for re-election in Monkston ward.

Vanessa McPake photo
Vanessa McPake

She has been a campaigner for local people in this area for over 15 years, and has helped hundreds of people with local issues. She has also been spokesperson for transport, the environment and flooding, for MK Council.

From strategic issues like pressing for the new balancing lake we need to reduce flooding, to local issues like pruning hedges, finding out who is responsible for a broken fence, and getting grass cut, Vanessa has worked tirelessly for local people.

Please support her in this election!

She is standing on the Liberal Democrat manifesto of:

  • Reduce child poverty, because every child deserves a good start in life.
  • Tackle unaffordable housing and homelessness, because everyone deserves a secure place to call home.
  • Help our children and young people, so they can thrive through their lives.
  • Fight for better health and social care, so that our residents have the support they need.
  • Look after our neighbourhoods, so they are tidy, safe and places that residents of MK can be proud of.
  • Improve and innovate our public transport, so public transport becomes a real choice for residents.
  • Rebuild the local economy and keep a balanced council budget, so that we have a stable recovery from COVID-19.
  • Create a carbon neutral Milton Keynes by 2030, so that we become a truly green city.

You can see more detail on the manifesto topics, or the whole manifesto, at

Brinklow Roundabout V11/H8 Diversions Change

The diversions round the Brinklow roundabout are set to change overnight on Thursday 15th April. The new road closures and diversions will then be in place 24 hrs a day until 25th April, and then 9.30-4.30 daily from 26th April until 1st May. The good news is that the roadworks will end then – a week earlier than expected.

The map below shows the open sections in blue and the closed sections in red. Where only 1 line is shown, the road is fully open.

The new road closures will be:
– the H8 Standing Way A421 will be closed from its junction with the H9 westbound to its junction with Tunbridge Grove
– the underpass at Wadhurst Lane will be open, as will the left turnings out from Waltham Drive and Tunbridge Grove
– to go south from Monkston or to get to Monkston from the south you will need to use the V10
– the V11 will be open past Monkston and Kingston, but going south you will have to turn east at the roundabout. There will be no U turns round the V11/H8 roundabout
– the Eastbound H8 will stay open
– the V11 will close from the H8 roundabout to the junction with Pondgate. The cross-over there will be open.

The number 8 bus will be diverted through Kingston, along the H8 to the H9 and then back to the V11, and return the same way.

Cleaning up – Will You Help Litter Pick?

With the cleansing teams suffering COVID and people walking around more and noticing more, there’s been a lot of focus on rubbish this year!

We are dropping more litter every year and picking up litter and dumped rubbish costs a lot more than emptying household or litter bins, so PLEASE put your rubbish in the bin! If you would like to take part in a big litter pick at the end of June, please let us know ([email protected]).

Vanessa McPake has asked MK Council to clear this rubbish at the V11 underpass, Monkston.

Wheelie Bins to Stay

The results from the wheelie bin pilot are in, and overwhelmingly you have voted to go ahead with wheelie bins. Those who have them will keep them, and they will be rolled out to the rest of the borough when the current contract ends, probably in 2023.

There have been problems with flats, and other areas where access and space are tight, and MK Council will be working on solutions for those over the coming months.

Better Bins!

Lib Dems have budgeted to replace some open topped litter bins

Open topped bins cause litter when the wind blows the rubbish, and when wildlife pulls it out.

Now Lib Dems have put extra money in the budget to replace them, and to introduce some “smart bins” that compact the rubbish, and signal when they need emptying.

Dog Mess

Mess at the V11 underpass at Brinklow before the new bin there was installed.

Dog mess is often a problem, and both our parish councils provide dog bins – but that became difficult when the rules about attaching them to lamp posts changed. Both our parish councils asked the Focus team for help. Jenni got permission for the bins and Vanessa and Leo contributed to the cost.

Finding the Way

Some of our redway signs were in a terrible state, worn, graffiti’ d, or sitting on the floor. Now Cllrs Jenni Ferrans and Vanessa McPake have paid for some to be replaced with their ward budgets, and Vanessa has got the sign at Chase Avenue back on its pole at last!