Walton Grange Water Treatment Plant

MSD, the company opposite Walton Grange, are intending to start the further development of their land.  Cllr Jenni Ferrans and a local resident went to see the site and got more explanation of what they are planning.  You can see a diagram here, or the plans on the MK Council website here and search for 15/00385/FUL.

  • A new small water treatment plant will replace the existing one on the site.  It will be fully contained.  The waste water is piped into sealed tanks, and treated.  That is the same way that it operates at the moment and there was no odour standing just outside the tank shed.  The existing pump can’t be heard or felt even 2 metres away, let alone across the road in a building, so there should be no disturbance from that. The new one will be similar.
  • The existing glass crusher is not moving from its present site, or changing. But they are to fit a canopy over the top. So there will be no disturbance from that
  • A new access road within the site is to start to help reduce congestion on the main road.  They will do more work within the site once the first changes are done, that should reduce the queues significantly.  It won’t change the amount of traffic along Hulwell Gate.
  • A new small visitors parking area will normally only be used in office hours and gives them only a few more spaces than at present.
  • A loading/unloading bay will only be used to deliver chemicals to the treatment tank: one vehicle once a fortnight during office hours.

Both Cllr Ferrans and the resident agreed that there should be no impact on residents apart from the loss of the green field view. Sadly, since the whole area is designated as industrial, there is no protection for that.

Update: the plans were approved in summer 2015 and work will start in November/December 2015.

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