Cllr John Howson, the best choice for Police and Crime Commissioner

A police service, not a police force

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Experienced County Councillor John Howson is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections on May 6th.

John, who has extensive experience representing residents in Oxfordshire, has highlighted the failure of Thames Valley Police to hit its own target to reduce knife crime. He is supporting the campaign to end suspicion-less ‘stop and search’ and will increase funding for victim support.

For too long, Thames Valley have not solved enough crimes. If elected, John will ensure that they have the resources to improve this, including protecting the number of frontline police officers.

During their time in office the current Conservative PCC has raised their allocation of council tax by close to 50%, while cutting the number of officers available to police our streets. John promises to provide value for money, and to protect vital services.

John has announced he has no plans to merge fire and rescue services with the police. Even though powers have been given to Police and Crime Commissioners to do this. The Conservatives have failed to give clarity on this issue.

Vote for Cllr John Howson on May 6th for more accountability, experience and to put victims first.

You can find out more about Cllr John Howson and the Police and Crime Commissioner elections by contacting John at:

[email protected] or by visiting for news updates.


  • Better support for victims
  • Stop discrimination in the use of stop and search
  • Improve detection rates

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