Cleaning up – Will You Help Litter Pick?

With the cleansing teams suffering COVID and people walking around more and noticing more, there’s been a lot of focus on rubbish this year!

We are dropping more litter every year and picking up litter and dumped rubbish costs a lot more than emptying household or litter bins, so PLEASE put your rubbish in the bin! If you would like to take part in a big litter pick at the end of June, please let us know ([email protected]).

Vanessa McPake has asked MK Council to clear this rubbish at the V11 underpass, Monkston.

Wheelie Bins to Stay

The results from the wheelie bin pilot are in, and overwhelmingly you have voted to go ahead with wheelie bins. Those who have them will keep them, and they will be rolled out to the rest of the borough when the current contract ends, probably in 2023.

There have been problems with flats, and other areas where access and space are tight, and MK Council will be working on solutions for those over the coming months.

Better Bins!

Lib Dems have budgeted to replace some open topped litter bins

Open topped bins cause litter when the wind blows the rubbish, and when wildlife pulls it out.

Now Lib Dems have put extra money in the budget to replace them, and to introduce some “smart bins” that compact the rubbish, and signal when they need emptying.

Dog Mess

Mess at the V11 underpass at Brinklow before the new bin there was installed.

Dog mess is often a problem, and both our parish councils provide dog bins – but that became difficult when the rules about attaching them to lamp posts changed. Both our parish councils asked the Focus team for help. Jenni got permission for the bins and Vanessa and Leo contributed to the cost.

Finding the Way

Some of our redway signs were in a terrible state, worn, graffiti’ d, or sitting on the floor. Now Cllrs Jenni Ferrans and Vanessa McPake have paid for some to be replaced with their ward budgets, and Vanessa has got the sign at Chase Avenue back on its pole at last!

Protecting Verges

When people park or drive on our grass verges in winter, it really damages the verge! Please do not park on the verge, and please tell the Focus team if there are any more really bad spots. We have reported damage on Eridge Green, Crowborough Lane, Lichfield Down, Dunchurch Dale and Cloudberry, Walnut Tree.

Giving Young People a Chance

Children in care are among our most vulnerable children but, with the help of foster carers, many succeed well. When the time comes to leave home, Lib Dems have ensured that they will be given the help finding accommodation that any parent would hope to give – advice on their options, and help with the rent deposit, or even a mortgage deposit.

Resurfacing Brinklow Roundabout

Brinklow roundabout, at the junction of the H8 Standing Way A421 and the V11 Tongwell St A4146, is getting a facelift! Over the next month, till 9 May, it will be resurfaced completely, the underground cable ducts replaced, and the streetlights fixed. The junction will be completely closed from 9;30 to 4.30 daily. Please avoid the area if you can, to reduce congestion while this very busy junction is out of use.

Helping Young People

Young people have had a tough time during lockdown, but the Youth Information Service can help. Jenni has given part of her ward budget to fund one-to-one counselling and advice. If you need help, ring 01908 892998, chat on messenger at or see the website at Leo, who is a board member of YIS, says “The work they do helps young people work out how to deal with the problems they are facing. It’s a lifesaver.”