Bedgebury Place

The plans for 40 dwellings in Bedgebury Place, Kents Hill are in and are likely to go to the Committee at MK Council in the new year.  You can comment on the Council web site and let then know if you want to speak at the meeting.
Thank you to all the local residents who took part in the meetings.  The developers now seem to have listened to your views.  Your local Lib Dems are much happier with the latest version of the proposals; some of the parking and landscaping issues have been addressed.
For further information contact Jenni Ferrans on [email protected]

Vanessa McPake and Jenni Ferrans discuss the plans for new homes in Bedgebury Place, Kents Hill

Vanessa McPake and Jenni Ferrans discuss the plans for new homes in Bedgebury Place, Kents Hill

Save Our Grit Bins!

Liberal Democrat councillors were shocked to be told that the Conservative run MK Council is proposing to scrap grit bins altogether because they are not used! New and replacement grit bins are now being refused.
Instead, the Tories propose to dump open bags of grit on the street – AFTER the snow has fallen!

The Liberal Democrats have started a campaign to save our grit bins.  Please sign up here.


Cleaning Up the Litter

The Focus team are still encountering littered areas in our ward.  Residents are NOT getting value for money from this service!Now at last the Council has agreed to provide details of the litter cleaning schedule, so that discussions can start on how the budget can best be used.  Cllr Jenni Ferrans comments “Residents have been suffering filthy paths and play areas and we have been asking for this information for months.  At last the Council is talking – but why has it taken so long?”

Vanessa McPake getting the litter collected in the Abbeydore play area in Monkston.

Vanessa McPake getting the litter collected in the Abbeydore play area in Monkston.

Street Light Fiasco

Lamppost-smallThe Liberal Democrats have found out that due to poor management by the Conservative run MK Council, the street light contractors have not been fixing the lights properly.  This has led to countless street lights being out.  Have you seen the stretch of the V10 with 5 out of 6 streets lights out?  Or the entrance to Walton Grange with lights out on both sides of the road?Your local Focus team are campaigning to get  to get street lights repaired, and properly, as soon as possible.
If you have a street light out on your local estate then let the Focus team know.
Just tell us the road name and the number/letter on the street light pole.

Cuts to Community Transport

smallbusYour local Lib Dem Focus team has just learnt that the Conservative run MK Council will be cutting the Community Transport scheme next year.   It looks as if 2/3rds of the current users will NOT be able to use the service.

The Liberal Democrats believe in standing up for our older and vulnerable people and will be fighting hard to stop this scandal.   We want to keep the service and ensure that our older people can still get out and around to their lunch clubs, doctors and the shops.

Tories Stop Grit Bins

The Conservative run MK Council has decided that they are not going to pay for any more grit bins in MK!

Worse, they won’t even let the local councillors or parish councils pay either. Many residents are left worrying that they will fall over in the first icy weather. The Lib Dems say this is a cut too far!

Vanessa McPake had asked for new grit bins in Bartholomew Close, Walton Park and Cloudberry, Walnut Tree but these will now be refused. Disgraceful!  Subhan Shafiq is wondering if the grit bin in Tewksbury Lane, Monkston will ever get repaired, put back in the right place and filled with grit!


Vanessa McPake checking the existing grit bins in Walnut Tree and Subhan Shafiq finding the bits of the bin in Tewkesbury Lane, Monkston Park.


Bedgebury Place

Your Lib Dem Focus team would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to residents of Kents Hill who took part in the recent consultations on the new houses to be built in Bedgebury Place, Kents Hill.

Jenni Ferrans is meeting the developer and planning staff to ensure that your views are taken into account before the full planning application comes to Council for approval.  Issues raised included:

  • Driveways leading onto Tunbridge Grove close to the grid road
  • Tandem parking spaces that could lead to on-street congestion
  • Screening of the development from houses in Lamberhurst Grove
  • Access to the bin store for the flat to discourage rubbish dumping
  • Contributions to local services eg schools, health, and buses

Bedgebury Place fiencing-JF

Photo: Jenni Ferrans at the fenced off site.  The fencing has been repaired.

Crime in Our Area

There have been a number of burglaries and thefts from cars over the past few months in our area. The police are doing their best to catch the gang responsible and have been giving out advice to residents including:

  • Keep doors/windows locked, even if you are only in the garden
  • Keep valuables out of sight
  • Keep house/car keys out of reach and sight of doors and windows
  • Lock away ladders, garden tools etc that burglars could use to gain access to your home
  • Mark your valuables using a UV marker pen
  • And don’t leave your SatNavs in your car!

Don’t forget you can ring your neighbourhood police team on 101 for advice on how to keep safe. And you can get local crime alerts by signing up to


Greenery – Cutting Back at Last!

After months of problems, ignored by MK Council, some greenery is finally being cut back.  Please let us know if any areas have been missed.

Jenni Ferrans and Subhan Shafiq almost hidden in the weeds at Plaistow roundabout a few weeks ago.
Jenni and Subhan in the middle of the roundabout in Monkston Park. All the weeds have now been cut back.

Vanessa McPake with the trees she has had pruned in Frithwood Crescent.

Vanessa McPake got the overhanging tree in Frithwood Crescent, Kents Hill, cut back to stop residents being hit by branches.