Save Our Grit Bins!

Liberal Democrat councillors were shocked to be told that the Conservative run MK Council is proposing to scrap grit bins altogether because they are not used! New and replacement grit bins are now being refused.
Instead, the Tories propose to dump open bags of grit on the street – AFTER the snow has fallen!

The Liberal Democrats have started a campaign to save our grit bins.  Please sign up here.


Cleaning Up the Litter

The Focus team are still encountering littered areas in our ward.  Residents are NOT getting value for money from this service!Now at last the Council has agreed to provide details of the litter cleaning schedule, so that discussions can start on how the budget can best be used.  Cllr Jenni Ferrans comments “Residents have been suffering filthy paths and play areas and we have been asking for this information for months.  At last the Council is talking – but why has it taken so long?”

Vanessa McPake getting the litter collected in the Abbeydore play area in Monkston.

Vanessa McPake getting the litter collected in the Abbeydore play area in Monkston.

Street Light Fiasco

Lamppost-smallThe Liberal Democrats have found out that due to poor management by the Conservative run MK Council, the street light contractors have not been fixing the lights properly.  This has led to countless street lights being out.  Have you seen the stretch of the V10 with 5 out of 6 streets lights out?  Or the entrance to Walton Grange with lights out on both sides of the road?Your local Focus team are campaigning to get  to get street lights repaired, and properly, as soon as possible.
If you have a street light out on your local estate then let the Focus team know.
Just tell us the road name and the number/letter on the street light pole.

Litter Again!

Yet again, problems with litter and rubbish right across Monkston ward have been taking up the Lib Dems time. If you spot any litter or dumped rubbish please do report it to the team.

Vanessa McPake and Subhan Shafiq with 8 bags of rubbish put out too late in Perivale, Monkston Park

Vanessa McPake and Subhan Shafiq contacted MK Council to remove this lot from Perivale, Monkston Park.

Jenni Ferrans at littered areas near the bus stop and play areas in Walnut Tree.

Cllr. Jenni Ferrans contacted MK Council to remove this lot from the bus stop outside Walton High and to get the play areas in Studley Knapp (photo) and Tatling Grove, Walnut Tree cleared.

Tree Destruction

Sadly, some young hooligans have destroyed four of the seven trees next to Heronsbrook Meeting Place.  This land is owned by the Parks Trust who will replace the trees in the spring.  Vanessa McPake has had discussions with the police and the Parks Trust.  They are both keeping an eye on the area.  The police say if you spot anyone causing damage please report it straight away by ringing 101.

subhan Shafiq and Vanessa McPake checking the damaged trees and the Police notice near Heronsbrook Meeting Place, Walnut Tree

Subhan Shafiq and Vanessa McPake at the site next to Heronsbrook Meeting Place with the broken trees and the police notice.